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Bismarck Cruiser Battleship | 9570 PCS

Bismarck Cruiser Battleship | 9570 PCS

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ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is the type of material we use to make our bricks.

ABS is a hard plastic that guarantees a high quality of construction.

Build your Dream Project!

Introducing the Bismarck Cruiser Battleship with 9570 Pieces.

This building set is made of premium-quality bricks which is consistent with the mainstream building blocks brands with accurate color and stable structure for comfortable hand feel and easy disassembly.

Components are packaged in different bags and types, which greatly reduces the time for building blocks enthusiasts to collect parts by themselves and the purchase cost. The cost-effective product can also be built together with the renowned Danish building blocks sets.
The building bricks set comes with an easy-to-follow electronic PDF manual stored in a USB flash disk which will be sent to buyers, allowing simple assembly even for beginners.

The legendary Bismarck is the most famous german ship of the Second World War. Sent into battle against the allies in 1941 to combat handle convoys, she sank the British battle cruiser HMS Hood in the battle of the Denmark Strait. Five days later the Bismarck sank about 1,000 km off the French coast, even after a battle against superior British forces. This is no ordinary model of the ship. It was designed on the basis of the original building plans; not only does the outer shell fit true to scale, the internal structure such as the boiler rooms, turbine rooms, torpedo pots and the armored deck also correspond to the original ship. This Model contains more than 9000 parts for those details. You can remove the superstructure in three parts, so you can look in the main deck with a lot of sleepingcabines and toilets. You also can remove the main deck to reach the engines inside the ship. All boiler- and engine-rooms are built with power function components. Furthermore you can control the main turrents. This cocntains also the Instruction for the Tirpitz.

What are you waiting for to build the project you have always dreamed of?

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